This site is under construction!!
Welcome to my humble abode.

I post silly things here, like art, memes, VR Chat photos, and whatever.

Thanks for checking it out!

Here are a few links to some of my stuff:

This is my VRC Pic profile! You can check out some of my favorite VRChat pictures here.

SCO Podcast
This is the Sour, Cream, and Onion podcast where I'm a host! We (aim to) do weekly(-ish???) episodes discussing music, games, VR, etc.

SCO Blog
This is the Sour, Cream, and Onion Podcast blog. This is where we'll post side notes, links to cool stuff we discuss in episodes, and annoucements whenever we release a special!

SCO YouTube
This is where we post extras and the full videos of our specials, like our niche-topic lecture episodes.

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