silly meme :P

Last Updated: 2/8/2024

ummm I don't have much to say about these but I made some silly little memes so here I guess

Sleep? Nah. VRChat? Yea!

I had to do some heavy color editing to make it work. The original images look sooo desaturated.

Purposefully desaturated though is this perfectly set up photo that I just had to edit a particular death screen on:

VRChat player lies dead on the table. WASTED.

I also found out the in-game camera has a funny distorted option and traced some pictures to make these masterpieces:

a masterpiece in the style of ms-paint.
a masterpiece in the style of... idk

anyway as of posting its close to valentines so have some candy! the teacher said I have to bring some for the whole class

Sonic hands you some classroom exchange sweethearts candies.