BRC Graffiti

Originally Posted: 9/16/2023 - Last Updated: 2/7/2024

Have you ever heard of the glorious game JET SET RADIO FUTURE (JSRF)??? I'm a huge fan. I literally got an OG Xbox for Christmas over a decade after it was remotely relevant for the sake of playing this game. So obviously I was ecstatic when BOMB RUSH CYBERFUNK (BRC) was announced in 2020, and I have to say after a long wait and an agonizing one-year delay, it was worth the wait!!! I've already 100%ed the game lol. The fact that a multiplayer mod also came out like a week after release is also super hype, a very good fun time.

So as someone who has a sketchbook full of graffiti designs, I felt inspired to actually make a full piece out of a few. I sketched out a couple ideas specifically inspired by BRC with some cool outfits for me and my friends:

Sketching ideas based on BRC.

I think the final results turned out pretty good. I actually did the colors myself this time!! (though of course getting the seal of approval of my darling wife who actually knows colors)

Neon piece. Cream throwie.

They're pretty fun. I even used them for the navigation bar on the side! I vibe with this style sooooo much. I've been experimenting with a no-outline style for my most recent pieces, but I may have to try playing with some outlines again to achieve peak JSRF.

So obviously I had to mod these into the game... Thankfully there's an easy guide that shows a pretty simple way of replacing textures in games (specifically BRC in this case) which I used to get a couple of screenshots:

Toprock in front of Cream's throw-up.
Breaking in front of Neon's piece.

I have more sketches for BRC-style stuff in progress, they're just in the backlog right now... I'll have to update this exhibit later!

Addition: 2/7/2024

So I've did a couple more pieces this week... I've got a new piece for my friend Haka!

It was pretty fun to make. I wanted it to be more kinetic as a whole piece than the last ones, and I think I achieved that with the extra flair and dynamics of how the letters are pointing outwards, more arrows and flairs, the paint splatters being longer and less circular, the dynamic pose, etc.

Hakaffiti pencil sketch.

My wife said the colors looked like crush orange tho which got me to make this spectacular edit lol


I also had to make one for my best VR friend - I plan on doing a fully original one at some point, but I felt like putting together one using the art I did for one of our trips to Organism (see previous exhibit Shadow of the Neon) and a graffiti design I previously made for one of her avi's outfits. I think it turned out pretty great!

Whiskey Graffiti.